From a young age, we are taught to blame others for our circumstances which begins a negative downward spiral of playing the blame game. But what if there was a way to break the cycle and transition from victim to victor? Discover the shortest route to happiness and move beyond the pain of the blame game.

When relationships break down, we often relive the experience over and over again trying to understand what went wrong. Retelling your grievance story does not heal the hurt, it can simply reopen the wound and fuel the grudge. While forgiving the person may not seem fair, continuing to hold the grievance will not make things better nor right. Start living how to live rent-free.

Forgiveness is often the 'road less travelled', but if you want to move from bitter to better, then a clear choice needs to be made as to which road you will travel. Choosing to forgive is choosing to stay in control and not let someone else have the keys to your life. Do not give up on the choice to forgive and begin living a new life.

Forgiveness does not change the facts nor does it want to, it simply changes your perspective in regards to the facts. By reframing your past, you give yourself permission to change your focus and look for possible solutions. While this may not be an easy process, it allows you to let go of the grievance and begin a new story.

Anger can be a difficult emotion to recognise particularly when it is yours. While experts agree anger can give the energy to confront a danger to your health or wellbeing, if not dealt with in a controlled way, it can lead to resentment that will ultimately destroy your emotional and physical health. Discover a new pathway from bitter to better.

As the eighteenth-century Dutch physician said, “forgiveness does not change the past, but it can enlarge the future.” Forgiveness is a journey – the deeper the wounds the longer the journey but the only effective response to the past is forgiveness and the only effective response to the present is love. Continue your journey of forgiveness today and each day into the future.